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Top Sale - 89% Free ShipGraffiti Crayon Stationery-Supplies Oil-Pastel Drawing-Pen Painting Artist Professional

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  • Color Quantity12 Colors
  • Model NumberNo
  • Package Quantity12 Colors/Box
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Professional Painting Oil Pastel 12/25/50 Colors Graffiti Soft Pastel Drawing Pen for Artist School Stationery Supplies Crayon

Colors: 12/25/50 Colors 

One Size:13*7.5*1.5cm/25*7.5*1.5cm/25*14.5*1.5cm

Product characteristics:Colorful. Easy coloring. Soft texture. When drawing with greater force, It's not easy to break.. No fading. No discoloration.

Packing:1 set x oil pastel

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